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Almunia - New Moon CD

Image of Almunia - New Moon CD


Following up their awesome 12” on Claremont 56, Almunia (Leonardo Ceccanti and Gianluca Salvadori) unleash their debut LP with a sweet heady mix of overdubbed disco, guitars and psyched out grooves. Kicking off with ‘Psychedelic’ the pace is set, before ‘New Moon’ pins you down for a sweet Pink Flloydian ride. ‘Dos Estrellas’ hits home to deliver the promise of this outfit, a blissed out subtle-as-you-like intro, coming on like a 12” indie dub mix from the late 80’s, dropping half way through for full on sunset smiles. The essence of Peter Green is distilled through ‘Electro Blues’ and underpinned with a rubbery dustbowl bassline, vocals wash over the breakdown in what could be the soundtrack to a weird peyote inspired movie scene that hasn’t been made yet. ‘Kissing Time’ sweetens things up with a nifty melody and vocal whilst ‘Moving Up Slowly” really does as it says and notches up the bass, FX, beats and voices for a hefty slab of midnight boogie. ‘Travel’ then turns up the sweatiness, with a sluggish, pounding beat, solid throb of bass and analogue lines from a John Carpenter chase, dark and heady, with vocals added by Benjamin James Smith from Smith & Mudd. ‘Until She Comes’ brings you round nicely at the other end of the LP with a sweet lolloping bass, choral touches, nifty beats and a delicate hand on the guitar.

A sweet album so early in the year, perfect for the forthcoming summer.


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